It is important to realise from the outset, that we all have Periodontal Disease.

 For some of us, it involves only the gum tissue, and the damage can be reversed and eliminated. For others, the damage is more extensive, the gum tissue recedes, and the supporting bone is lost. This eventually will lead to the loss of any teeth in this affected area. 

If the damage is minor, and professional care begun, the disease process can be controlled and eliminated.

Where the damage is more extensive, and involves the supporting bone, then the damage can be contained and halted. It is important to realise that the damage cannot be easily repaired successfully, and there will always be a tendency to further damage and treatment relapse.

Your Dentist will examine your mouth, and after careful collection of data, can prescribe a course of treatment that will return your mouth to health.

Your treatment may involve x-ray’s to look at the damage to the bones of your jaws, and a number of sessions with the Dental Hygienist.

Periodontal Specialist referral to the Birmingham Dental Hospital may be arranged, so that more specialised treatment can be discussed and arranged.

The recommended treatment is carried out over a number of visits into the Clinic, and to be successful, it is important that all the appointments are attended. We do realise that Business and Family commitments at times have to take priority, and we ask you to let us know in good time if you cannot attend any of your booked appointments.

The success of the treatment depends on a lot of  hard work by the team at 6 Ways Dental Practice and yourself. To maintain the health of your mouth, we try to keep your home care as simple and as effective as possible. We need to know if you are having any problems with your care, so that a possible alternative can be arranged.

The long term success of your treatment is dependant on you returning to the Practice for regular review sessions with your Dentist and Dental Hygienist.

We hope this information has been of help.