A crown is a way of restoring a weak, broken, or unsightly tooth so that it is made much stronger, as well as more attractive. 

Teeth that have been root-filled usually need to have a crown to restore their strength, and give them a useful lifespan. 

Damaged, worn, or discoloured front teeth can be made aesthetic and strong enough to resist further wear, simply by crowning. 

If a lot of wear has taken place between your teeth, the effect on your face can make you look aged. Here crowns can be used to restore the lost height and with it, your appearance. 

A crown is made from a thin shell of cast precious metals, called dental gold alloy, covered with tooth coloured porcelain, which is shaded and sculpted to match your natural teeth. 

Crowns are made by highly skilled technicians, and each crown undergoes more than 150 different processes on its way to becoming a beautiful, functional, and reliable part of your smile. 

How is it done?
To prepare a tooth for a crown, the outside is re-shaped, after which impressions are taken, and these used by the dental technician to create casts of your mouth, on which the crown is modelled. 

At the next appointment , your dentist will ‘try in’ the crown to check the shape, fit, and colour. If you and your dentist are happy with the overall effect, the crown will be secured to place.