This is one of the miracles of modern dentistry. Implants are successful artificial replacements for lost teeth, and can be used in a number of ways. 

  1. To replace single missing teeth, where a single tooth has been lost, especially in an otherwise healthy remaining teeth. At the front of the mouth, a single implant replaces a lost tooth perfectly without using the adjacent teeth as anchors. 
  2. To support a bridge, replace multiple missing teeth,  implants can replace the missing teeth, and allow a comfortable, fixed bridge to be placed, avoiding the need for often uncomfortable and  damaging dentures. 
  3. To support partial dentures. Implants can support these, making them much more comfortable, and preventing premature facial ageing that unsupported,  loose and worn dentures cause. 
  4. To replace complete dentures completely, for greater comfort and confidence.

How is it done?

Placing an implant is the opposite of removing out a tooth, except that, because the implant is being placed into the bone, great care is taken to ensure that it is sterile. 

You will initially need to attend a consultation to discuss your dental health and implant needs. Your mouth will be measured and photographed with cutting-edge technology,using the inhouse CRANEX® 3D

Once placed, implants are left for your jawbone to grow tightly around them, fixing them in place firmly. This implant anchor is then used as mentioned above.

Treatment timetable is from three to eight months.


Best possible replacement for single teeth. 
Maintains bone contour, better appearance and function. 
Allows any number of teeth to be restored. 

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