At 6 Ways Dental Practice we endeavour to provide the best choices for you dental care. We promise to provide care in a comfortable and ethical manner. Emphasis is placed on preventative care, to keep your whole mouth and smile healthy.
At our examination and consultation, in addition to your teeth, we also examine the soft tissues of the whole mouth, the health of your gums and the jaw joints. This allows us to diagnose potential problems early. We will also take digital x-rays to check the teeth and jawbone support when necessary. 

Tooth Fillings
We can place fillings in tooth coloured material (dental composite) or silver amalgam. Each material has it’s specific use and this will be assessed during treatment. 

Root canal fillings
As a result of previous dental decay, trauma or fractures a tooth nerve can die. If this happens the tooth can be often be saved with root canal treatment, where the root(s) of the tooth is cleaned, shaped and filled with a special filling to replace the dead nerve space. We use modern mechanical system which allows for predictable results. This is done with modern local anaesthesia, allows for efficient, painless treatment

Periodontal Disease
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A crown (usually referred to as a “cap”) is used to restore tooth structure for previously heavily restored, broken down or root treated teeth. Crowns can be made of gold alloy, porcelain bonded to metal or all porcelain or a mixture of all these materials depending on the clinical situation.
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A bridge is just one of the ways that missing teeth can be replaced. They are usually retained on the neighbouring teeth used as anchors, if these are suitable for this purpose. Dental Implants can often be used to retain and support bridges.

In some situations where teeth are heavily broken down and a conventional filling is not suitable a laboratory made inlay or onlay (made from either gold alloy or porcelain) can be used to recreate the tooth surface to allow full function to be restored.

Removable dentures can be used to replace any missing teeth. Dentures can be made a variety of materials. Metal framework dentures tend to be thinner and often more comfortable in certain situations. We can assess your individual needs and make recommendations to you, allowing you a choice in the materials that will be used.

Veneers are thin porcelain or dental composite shells (like a false finger nail) that are bonded to teeth to alter the shape and appearance. Veneers are often used in addition to tooth whitening to change the shape of the smile. Veneers require very little preparation of the tooth tissue, however this will vary for each clinical situation. These require careful planning and attention to detail to achieve a long lasting result.

Tooth Lightening
As we get older our teeth can change colour. This can also be due to the effect of stain producing foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and particularly smoking. Professional tooth whitening is a predictable, safe way of lightening the teeth and improving your smile. At 6 Ways we only use the best evidenced and safe tooth lightening products and regimes.
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Orthodontics is the movement of poorly placed or misaligned teeth by using either metal or tooth coloured ceramic brackets and wires. We can also use ‘invisible’ clear braces to achieve similar results. Each clinical situation is carefully assessed and a treatment plan is made to correct the misalignment. Orthodontics is sometimes used as part of an overall cosmetic or implant based treatment plan. We will be happy to discuss this with you at your consultation.